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Episode 89: "Navigating the Healthcare System"

Jennie Byrne | MD, PhD

Inspiring the Next Generation of Behavioral Health Specialists

Behavioral Health Integration’s podcast strives to create a community for aspiring and practicing behavioral health workers. Our aim is to continue to raise awareness about and encourage collaboration in the industry so that it will continue to thrive. There are numerous approaches to treating mental health and substance abuse issues; we’re showcasing the diversity of these approaches used to improve the lives of others.

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  • Episode 89

    "Navigating the Healthcare System"

    Jennie Byrne | MD, PhD
  • Episode 88

    "Healing Trauma With Psychedelics" (Part 2)

    Richard O'bannon Shannon Duncan
  • Episode 87

    "Healing Trauma With Psychedelics" (Part 1)

    Richard O'bannon Shannon Duncan