Episode 30: Life Coaching with Mothers

Ashley Dunnwald | Certified life and weight loss coach

Episode 30

Show Notes

Guest: Ashley Dunnwald | Certified life and weight loss coach

Date: June 14, 2022

It was a pleasure having Ashley on as a BHI guest. In today’s episode, we went over the many stressful day-to-day activities mothers go through that can go unseen and unacknowledged in society today. Ashley expresses her passions and motivations that allow her to do the amazing work that she does with her clients to help empower them.

Ashley believes that being a mom and wife will ALWAYS take time and effort (and usually gives you stretch marks & wrinkles), but is so much better when you live from a place of confidence, inspiration, and self-empowerment!

It was an honor and pleasure having Ashley on the show!

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Ashley Dunnwald
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Jacob Minning, MA, LADC

Jacob has always had a strong passion for helping people in need, in addition to helping others achieve their personal health and fitness goals. He has experience with and enjoys assisting others as they work through life’s challenges.

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