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Episode 81: "The Psychedelic Healing Journey"

Michael Thornhill Randall Hansen | Ph.D.

Behavioral Health Integration Podcast

On Behavioral Health Integration, we’re working to create a community of aspiring and practicing behavioral health workers. Weekly episodes feature guests speaking to their expertise and showcasing the diversity of approaches to mental health and substance abuse treatment. Our aim is to continue to raise awareness about and encourage collaboration in the behavioral health industry so that it will continue to thrive.


  • Episode 69

    "The New Era of Ketamine Therapy"

    Dr. Christopher Fischer | MD Dr. Sofia Peeva | MD
  • Episode 68

    "The Evolution of Psychedelic Healing"

    Sergey Vardanyan
  • Episode 67

    "Preventing a Toxic Workplace"

    Chester Elton
  • Episode 66

    "The Future of Counseling Education"

    Kevin Doyle | Ed.D., President/CEO Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School
  • Episode 65

    "Workplace Trauma and Harassment"

    Dr. Carey Yazeed | PH.D
  • Episode 64

    "Families, Addiction, and Grieving"

    Gloria Englund | M.A Margaret Swift Thompson | M.S
  • Episode 63

    "Veterans and Equine Assisted Therapy"

    J.R. Smith | Co-Founder of The Veterans Ranch
  • Episode 62

    "Families and Addiction"

    Margaret Swift Thompson | M.S, Executive Director & Addiction Recovery Coach for Families
  • Episode 61

    "Veterans Guide to Fighting Pain and Addiction"

    Dustin Brockberg | Ph.D LP Kerry Brockberg | Ph.D LP
  • Episode 60

    "Veterans and Psychedelics"

    Jared Rinehart | Lead Integration Coach
  • Episode 59

    "Ketamine Assisted Therapy part 3"

    Sam Mandel | COO Dr. Steven Mandel | MD
  • Episode 58

    "Men's Mental Health"

    Matthew Syzdek | PhD, LP, MBA