Episode 84: "Physician Burnout and What to do about it?"

Diana Londoño | MD

Episode 84

Show Notes

Guest: Diana Londoño | MD

Date: May 8, 2023

It was a great pleasure having Diana Londoño on the show!

I had a tremendous learning experience provided by Diana in regard to the everyday stress and anxiety physicians encounter on a daily basis.

Diana gets into her main motivation for starting and what it means to her as she helps other medical doctors deal with burnout so they have someone who can relate and empathize with the emotional pain they are going through.

Diana’s contact information 


Diana Londoño, MD

1 of 10% of Urologists who is female in the US. #NotAProvider. Founder of Certified Life Coach. Writer. Speaker. Livestream Podcaster: “Supernova Sistas Physicians in Motion” Views are my own.



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