Episode 18: The strength and power of perseverance!

Chad Osinga | Motivational Speaker

Episode 18

Show Notes

Guest: Chad Osinga | Motivational Speaker

Date: April 20, 2022

In todays BHI episode I interview motivational speaker Chad Osinga. Chad Osinga is a high school dropout turned college graduate, special operations sniper, and combat applications instructor for the military. Chad grew up in a drug house with a mother addicted to crack cocaine, who later died due to an overdose. Never knowing his father, he turned to the streets for the better portion of his early life. 

Chad joined the US Army, becoming a sniper and eventually teaching combat applications to every branch and the FBI, US Marshalls, DEA, and SWAT teams.

As an amazing guest Chad passionately expressed how he chose not to give up and overcome all of the major obstacles in his life.

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Chad Osinga
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Hosted By:
Jacob Minning, MA, LADC

Jacob has always had a strong passion for helping people in need, in addition to helping others achieve their personal health and fitness goals. He has experience with and enjoys assisting others as they work through life’s challenges.

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